The female Caspian Sea Asetra sturgeon is smaller than the Beluga, requiring up to ten years to mature and produce eggs, reaching lengths of up to seven feet and weighing from fifty to two hundred pounds.
 Iranian Asetra (also known as Asetra, Ossetra, or Oscietra) is a highly revered sturgeon which produces among the best tasting caviar is the world. As price of caviar is not always based on its taste, the asetra is a better value with a rich taste.
Unparalleled flavor of any other sturgeon, this caviar offers a unique flavor rarity that is rich, nutty flavor and firm creamy texture with an elegant appearance.

 Sevruga and Asetra sturgeon roes are less expensive as they mature sooner for harvest. Asetra caviars has a delicate skin and ranges in color from dark brown to gray and is often shaded with a gold. 
Asetra caviar has two kinds of wild and farmed.

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