True caviar comes from the prehistoric sturgeon fish only. All other fish eggs are not caviar, but referred to as roe or simply the name of the fish and eggs, such as with the popular salmon eggs.
 The best sturgeon with the most prized roe nature had to offer was harvested from mainly from the Caspian sea from Iran and Russia as the two largest producers and monopolized the caviar market by producing 90 percent of world's supply.
Sturgeons naturally travel long distances and therefore their diet and environment change from one region to another and as a result influencing taste and appearance of their roe.

 Each sturgeon gets checked and separated based on type and age of the fish. Fish reaching maturity are separated and checked regularly. Ultra sound is a method used by many to check whether the sturgeon is ready for harvest. 
Caviar is a general term used for a variety of fish roes which range from being common and inexpensive to one of the rarest and most expensive delicacies in the world. Market prices are driven by factors such as type of sturgeon, age, rarity, origin, size, texture and color. 
A higher grade of caviar has a more mature caviar. First and foremost is taste, a higher grade will feature a flavor with more depth and strength. It will also have a firmer texture and larger eggs for a bolder mouthfeel. Higher grades of caviar also typically have a lighter color.
The 3 most valuable types of caviar are Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga. Typical Iranian beluga caviar is prized for its soft, extremely large (pea-size) eggs. It can range in color from pale silver-gray to black. Next in quality is the medium-sized, gray to brownish osetra (ossetra), and the last in the quality ranking is smaller, gray sevruga caviar.  Many caviar lovers prefer the rich flavors of the Sevruga and osetra over the more expensive beluga roe. No country can compete with Iran in processing and producing caviar because Iran's caviar is well known as the best of its kind across the world.

These are some benefits of eating this appetizing delicacy:
-Aids to prevent heart attacks, high in omega-3 oils
-Helps to lower blood pressure, high in potassium
-Anti Stress and anti migraine, rich in vitamin B2,B6,B12,A,D,C,E 
-Beneficial for bones, high amount of calcium
-Has an antidepressant effect,
-Muscle developer, high in protein
-Ally of sportspeople, high in iron

Caviar is one of the Iran's export products. In fact, pure Iranian caviar is a term that is used for vast export for this product. Iran provides 93 percent of the world's caviar that all this valuable nutrient is obtained from the Caspian Sea.
There are several types of caviar which include 27 species of fish, 6 of them are living in the Caspian Sea. caviar fish meat is like other fish. But what make it different from other types of fish is their eggs which is also known as the Black Pearl. In addition this type of fish is also called living fossils in the world that live like phylogenetically evolution. caviar has three different types of color including golden, red and black.
Among these, black caviar is more popular and has more importance in term of exportation. caviar can be divided into farmed and Sea. Beluga, Sevruga and Astra caviar are tasty varieties of caviar.
93 percent of the world's caviar is in Caspian Sea that five valuable caviars come from the sea. 
Variety type of fish caviar in Caspian Sea include:


Scientific name: Huso huso
One of the largest fish species in the Iranian water is Beluga that has the most popular caviar position between others. Weighs of some Beluga fish reach 1,400 kilograms. The fish can live more than 100 years.
Beluga fish spawn every two or three years. Beluga fish are mature at the age of 14 to 17 years old. At this age, the most expensive caviar has been produced. The largest Beluga that has been hunted in Iran, is 620 kilograms. This type has 1.5 m to more than 4 m long.

Scientific name: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
Sturgeon or Osetra is other type which caviar is produced from it. This type of fish is said to be derived from the original Russian term named sturgeon in Turkish language that is meant black nose. In terms of value, sturgeon placed in the second row. 
Iran's sturgeon species are larger than Russian ones and have more quality. Both Iranian and Russian types are similar to each other. The Iranian sturgeon has darker color and white dots can also be seen on their bodies.
All kinds of sturgeon are mature at the age of 12 or 14 years and they have lengths of one to more than 2 meters. It weighs 60 to 130 kilograms.

Russian sturgeon

Scientific name: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
Russian sturgeon is found in Iran, which is also called golden caviar and is ranked as the third place of caviar in the world. This kind of fish is mature at the age of 12 to 16 years and at this age starts to spawn. Russian sturgeon has an average weight of 60 kg and its length reach one to two meters.

 Ship sturgeon 

Scientific name: Acipenser nudiventris
This type of fish is migratory and enters into the coast of Iran during the  spawn time and spawn in the river catchment. This type of fish can live up to 30 years. It has light weight and their number is less than other caviar fishes. Astra ship sturgeon spawns at age 10 to 14. This fish has a length of over one meter.

Sevruga (Derakol)

Scientific name: Acipenser stellatus
Sevruga ( Derakol )is known as the smallest caviar fish in Caspian Sea and in terms of quality, it has low quality place compared to other 5 type of caviar fish. its eggs are smaller and cheaper. Spawning its eggs hasn’t high endurance .These types of fish eggs are weak in natural conditions. Sevruga is meant long nose.
Sevruga caviar or Derakol matures at the age of 8 to 12 years old and is light in weight. This fish is 1 to 1.5 m long and only grows in the Caspian Sea.


 Caviar Price

Caviar is considered as one of the world's most valuable products that are in row of energetic foods. In terms of nutritional value, caviar has several properties and these characteristics have made it as an expensive food. The most expensive type of caviar is Beluga caviar or light diamonds.

Beluga caviar fish has a price of 5 thousand dollars in the world. Beluga caviar consists of more than 75 percent lecithin and 25% fat. Other materials and elements in the caviar fish are the amino acids arginine, histamine, isoleucine, lysine and methionine.
Due to changes in the price of the dollar, the price of Iranian caviar fish is variable too and caviar price is changing continuously.
Red caviar is the most affordable type of caviar and its food value and taste is less than black caviar. This type of Russian caviar fish is sold in all grocery stores in Russia.
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Caviar properties
Caviar is one of the food products that contains lots of different properties. The food is energetic and has delicious taste and its smell is pleasant. Proteins in caviar have made it a unique food. Fat in the caviar is divided into cholesterol and lecithin categories.

Caviar’s properties include:
This nutrient can help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Because the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in caviar is high and it is useful for cardiac patients.
There is a compound called "ctacosand" In caviar which is a long-chain fatty alcohol, and after it enters the body, can be converted into fatty acids.
These fatty acids have a major influence in the formation of myelin synthesis (covering nerve cells). In other words, nerve cells health can be obtained by eating caviar.
Research has shown that people, who consume caviar, are less exposed to the risk for mental illness, including depression.
Since there is omega 3 fatty acids in caviar, consumption of these foods can prevent the increase of blood cholesterol.
Caviar prevents rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints (gastrointestinal diseases)) and some types of cancer.
There is a lot of iron in caviar. People who have anemic can eat caviar.

How to use caviar?
Caviar is often used for breakfast. Some eat it raw. In some countries also it is fried in onions and cooked with egg yolk. According to the tastes of people, herbs can be added when preparing caviar, and then put it in the bread in small pieces and fry it with butter.
Another way to consume caviar is to use it cold and raw.
Caviar has the fish smell and salty taste which is not very pleasant. That is why it is better to stop from consuming it raw.
The instruction of preparing caviar in some restaurants is in the way that they combine Red caviar with parsley leaves and pour over the bread pieces and fry them.

The most important facts about caviar:
Caviar is the egg of caviar fish and is the most expensive food in the world.
Caspian Sea is recognized as the main habitat of caviar fish in the world. Caspian Sea caviar fish are the fish that are so-called migrating, so different environment and bio-feed influence their eggs size and taste.
There are three types of caviar that beluga caviar, Astra and Sevruga caviars are the most valuable types.
Beluga caviar egg size is larger than the other two types and its color is dark gray and due to its high quality it is in the first rank of the world's caviar.
Astra caviar has average egg size and eggs color is brownish gray. Bright color of such caviar is known as Golden caviar which is very rare.
Sevruga caviar has gray small eggs and is very popular among people because of the special taste.

The most significant properties of caviar include:
- Prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer and depression
- Rich in vitamins C, B2, B6, B12, A, D, E
- A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, phosphorus and iron.
- Freshness of skin
- Strengthens the immune system
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