Sevruga are generally smaller and mature earlier than the Osetra after only 7 years, and given their early maturation.
Sevruga in the wild may grow to lengths of up to 5 feet and at a weight of close to 150 lbs. They are most distinguished by their long snout and elongated form. The Iranian sevruga caviar offers rich flavors from the most sought after Caspian sea harvests.

 Iran along with Russia has historically been at the top of the most cherished caviars in the world. Intense flavor of the sevruga sturgeon's caviar is recommended and noted to be better than the most prized beluga sturgeon's. Sevruga roe is the least rare of the three. It has a delicate skin and its color ranges from light to dark gray. Since they are the least rare, they are also the least expensive, thus, sevruga roe is the most popular out of the three prized types of caviar. The cherished natural robust flavors from the sevruga sturgeon are a favorite of caviar lovers, chefs and fine restaurants.
Sevruga caviar has two kinds of wild and farmed