Caviar which is considered to be royal delicacy has to be properly served and tasted. Although it sounds snobbish, it is said that you don’t eat caviar, you taste it.
 You have to remember that it is not always love at first taste. 
Caviar should be properly chilled to preserve its freshness. It is very sensitive to temperature. You can keep caviar in the refrigerator but not in the freezer!
You serve caviar in chilled glass dishes (bowls), preferably made of crystal. The bowl should be placed on crushed ice. It guarantees fresh flavour.

For caviar you use spoons made from mother of pearl, ivory or tortoiseshell. This delicacy is treated as royalty. Avoid using metal spoons (especially made of silver) as they can react with the caviar and impart a metallic taste.
The tradition to taste caviar before buying it led to a unique way of tasting.
 Place a little bit of caviar on the back of your hand between your thumb and your index finger. Look at the roe and then taste it. Spread it on the palate. The best restaurant chefs do that to taste its flavour.
What do eat with caviar? It can be served on warm toasts. It tastes wonderful with dark bread. It is usually served on small sandwiches. There’s something you need to be aware of! You don’t spread caviar.
 At parties it is served in an egg, it is sunk in it like an egg yolk. First, you eat caviar, then you can eat the egg.
Caviar matches seafood very well, for example, it tastes wonderful with fresh lobster. An equally delicious dish is „black gold in an oyster”. Caviar is served inside the oyster like a jewel. The whole dish is served on ice crystal with lemon.

You can also serve it with warm, unpeeled potatoes cut in half; you hollow them out and inside you put caviar. Then you „close” the potato and eat it as if in one piece. Caviar is also a perfect match for fish. It is served as a starter with vegetables too.