Manufacture: Beluga
Origin: Imported
Type: Farmed
Flavor: Bold, nutty, firm and juicy
Size: Large
Color: Light brown to warm, rich brown

Species: Huso Dauricus X Acipenser Schrencki Common

Name: Kaluga Fusion Gold

Marky's Beluga Hybrid (Huso huso x Acipenser baerii) A milder buttery note than traditional Beluga with a hint of the earthy and nutty tones of premium Siberian sturgeon.

Due to the lack of availability of Beluga caviar and the complexity of farming the species, many producers began cross-breeding Beluga with other faster producing sturgeon species.

This product exhibits the size and flavor profile of Beluga with the speed of production of smaller Siberian sturgeon to provide an alternative to the limited supplies of Beluga. Russian Original Handmade Blini, 36 pcs. The Marky's Russian blini handmade by an original recipe is the perfect accompaniment to Marky's caviar, foi gras and any other delicacy you like. Thanks to its special taste the blini emphasize the original taste of the delicacy.

At the same time the small coctail size of this type of blinis allows enjoying the delicacy flavor in small and comfortable bites which is perfect for cocktail parties. Creme Fraiche, 7-8 oz. This remarkable creme fraiche made in USA is the closest you can find to French Normandy creme fraiches.

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